[GP2X/Caanoo] GMenu2X v. 0.11

GMenu2X v. 0.11 is now ready and available for GP2X and Caanoo (Wiz port coming soon).

New in version 0.11

Wiz and Caanoo support implemented (including battery readings and overclocking)
Completely rewritten font code: fonts are now standard truetype fonts with a 1px outline.
Skins can specify a custom font, change its size and the color of the outline and of the font itself.
Completely rewritten input system: the screen is redrawn only when it needs to be updated, idling when there is no input by the user.
Additional system informations displayed in the about dialog
Cpu clock increments by steps of ten
File selectors from the "edit link" menu now start browsing from the link directory
Reduced size of the binary
Lots of bug fixes

This release offers caanoo users the ability to return automatically to gmenu2x after exiting from launched apps/games despite the broken autorun implementation.
The exit link is not available at this time, since I still need to find a good solution, but booting back to the default menu is as simple as rebooting with the sd card pulled out of the console.
For users upgrading from earlier versions I recommend starting from scratch and eventually copying over only the links from the old installation.

Download GMenu2X v. 0.11

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[Caanoo] Quake I v8

The original Quake1 engine-interpreter ported by Pickle and upgraded by Rikku2000.


- Multiplayer Create Game Menu Fix
- Mods and Maps Menu Fix
- Sound Sample Freq set 11025
- Add command cl_playdemo disable the Game Demos
- Add command -cpu XXX setup the CPU Clock
- Server downloads color Fix
- Add Haptic(Rumble by Damage)
- Add command cl_haptic disable Vibration

Download Quake I v8


[Caanoo] Jump to the Moon

A gravity sensor game by caou: Jump to the Moon is a game inspired to the popular iPhone game Doodle Jump, featuring exclusive gameplay additions

Your little cosmonaut jumps from platform to platform while you tilt the Caanoo to give him a general direction.

The goal is the reach the moon… And then jump even higher in outer space!

Download Jump to the Moon


[Caanoo/Wiz] Deadly Eye

A frenetic shooter game with a great arsenal of weapons!

(c) 2011 – TK Ammos / Compilation and package by GECA soft

Download Deadly Eye for Wiz

Download Deadly Eye for Caanoo


[Caanoo] GPFCE v. 0.4+

NES emulator based on FCE.

Updated by Rikku2000
Fixed clock setting, sw scaling, and rotation code. Pickle
Fixed clock setting, Caanoo Controls and remove rotation code. Rikku2000

Disclaimer: This Wiz port is only for test purposes! It was done by Pickle and Orkie (Thanks guys!).
The original code was done by notaz. Don’t blame him for any problem occur with this port!
This product don’t come with the “Notaz Seal Of Quality (TM)” ;-)

Path and filename changed, icon added and edited, shortcuts, Wiz menu fixed, zipped
and uploaded by sbock. So blame me… :-)

Original code: notaz (Great work, as always…)
Wiz port: Pickle, Orkie
Caanoo port: Rikku2000
Libcastor: Orkie

Download GPFCE v. 0.4+

Hi all,

Just a quick post to announce that I made the first port of littlegptracker to the Caanoo. LittleGPTracker is a sample based tracker (music program) optimized for game consoles. It is based on the famous lsdj for gameboy.


Download LittleGPTraker First Beta


[Caanoo/Wiz] SQRXZ 2 v. 0.80

Another day another journey… As living on planet earth and its surrounding solar system seemed boring Sqrxz decided to check out another location in the universe. Just in case and to be extra careful he took a pocketful of emeralds with him to keep him in ready cash, but after starting his exciting journey he realized all his emeralds are suddenly missing! Retracing his steps Sqrxz notices mysterious creatures popping up all over the place to hinder him in his search… Oh what troublesome days… Help poor Sqrxz get back all his emeralds!

Author: Sqrxz 2 Team

Port: Pickle

Download SQRXZ 2 v. 0.80 for Wiz

Download SQRXZ 2 v. 0.80 for Caanoo


[Caanoo] FreeWiFi Connection

Hi All,

Here is a simple tool, that might be useful for french guys like me who want to connect to all “FreeWifi” wireless hotspots using their caanoo + official GPH wifi dongle (i’ve just received mine today :P ).

This tool is based on my termlua2x fixed version (see my blog for other details) and a recompilation of the famous wget command line browser.

Once you’re connected to the FreeWifi hotspot (using GPH menu) you need to enter identification login/password.
This simple tool will do it for you. You just need to modify the config.txt file with your personnal account settings.

This set of tools + shell script might be modified to be used with other internet providers that offer such wireless connection feature.



Download FreeWiFi Connection


The island of Malis is in grave danger! The infamous Beast King and his army of monsters try to invade the peaceful homeland of the blobs, in order to reign the whole island. Those small, kind creatures are to be enslaved and most of them are unable to oppose their tormentors. However if YOU take the role of Blob, one will rise to defend their freedom.

The games sourcecode licence is gpl, all the content is cc-by-nc-nd see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
and  http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ for details

Download Jump’n'Blob Final Version for GP2X

Download Jump’n'Blob Final Version for Wiz

Download Jump’n'Blob Final Version for Caanoo


Ive updated the all of the archives for the latest source code for cgenius (Commander Genius, i.e enhanced Keen engine).
One notable feature for this update is support for streaming the hqp ogg files, which are included (all except for gp2x too slow, but ogg support is compiled in if you have to have it)
Also added support for a the caanoo.
Also includes enhanced graphics replacements and also includes keen1 and keen4 sharware data.
Keen4 work has begun you can jump and run through levels and collect items so far.


Download CloneKeenPlus v. for GP2X

Download CloneKeenPlus v. for Wiz

Download CloneKeenPlus v. for Caanoo